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Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: bring back the smoke break (as an art break)

Adam Swanson

There are several ways to get an art break in your day this week.

One is a real, live, in-person (albeit masked and physically-distanced) art opening, as Adam Swanson's new exhibit at the Great Lakes Aquarium takes a look at animals on the federal threatened and endangered species lists.  The Mirrors by Adam Swanson art reception opens tomorrow (Tuesday, July 28) at 6:00pm.

Another way to take a break is to follow the suggestions of ceramist Yuko Nishikawa:  What Happened to My Mood When I Started Painting Once a Day

And if you really want to annoy/unnerve your kid, there's always this little exercise from New Yorker cartoonist Emily Flake:  How to Draw a Child

Photo Caption: "My Real Name"

Rusty Patched Bumblebee

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