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Past Programs
Past Programs
  • Community Conversations is a monthly program on KUMD dedicated to topics of interest in our community and fostering our community connections.
  • Alternative hip-hop
  • Ojibwe Stories is a program of Ojibwe culture, language, and ideas that aired on The North 103.3 FM in Duluth, Minnesota. It was produced by Chris Harwood at The North 103.3 and the University of Minnesota, Duluth Department of American Indian Studies. Ojibwe Stories was made possible by Ampers and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.
  • "Take it With You" is a live radio play with music and comedy airing on KUMD on the second Satuday of each month. Set in a tavern on the shores of Lake Superior, the show follows Blake Thomas and a colorful group of his multi-talented pals, patrons and employees as they stumble through each 60-minute adventure filled with original music, laughs, sound effects and conversation. Performed in front of a live audience in Duluth at The Underground, it features local leaders and business owners, and musical performances by regional artists.
  • Indie rock, alt-country
  • Women's Words is a program bringing you the written work of the women of Minnesota, airing every Sunday afternoon at 1:30 and 3:30 during the Women's Music Show. Funding for this program is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.Women's Words is produced by Chris Harwood, Assistant Producer is Hayley Westphal.Subscribe to the Women's Words podcast.