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Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: art in person! (albeit with masks and social distancing)

Kari Halker-Saathoff/Duluth Art Institute

The Duluth Art Institute has reopened and they have some exhibits up.  Folks who come into the Depot are, of course, asked to wear masks and social-distance.

Kari Halker-Saathoff: Odysseus & Penelope: The Long Journey

"Penelope’s story, carried on ceramic vessels, is inspired by her courage and resistance against unwanted suitors as well as current events, including the Women’s March of 2017. Their stories alternate and connect as the viewer travels through the exhibition, titles of the illustrations are inspired by the text of the Odyssey while Penelope’s draw from current events. Viewed together, Halker-Saathoff illuminates the many parallels between the present and 650 B.C.E."

Credit Sue Rauschenfels/Duluth Art Institute
Sue Rauschenfels "Sisters" 2019 Acrylic/Mixed Media 24 x 24"

Sue Rauschenfels: Sisterhood

"Raised in a household with six sisters, Rauschenfels grew to understand the bond between women as well as barriers that can prevent strong supportive relationships."

Credit Jonathan Thunder/Duluth Art Institute
Jonathan Thunder, Quarantine at Grammas House, acrylic on canvas 13.5 x 42" Tulsa, Oklahoma

Response: An online exhibit reflecting how artists are processing and observing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic 

Artists often process events and emotions through creating new work. Some find peace, some find inspiration, some find more questions. Response provides an avenue of expression, a place for artists and viewers to explore, heal and vent.

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