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Where's Art?: "the rethinking has to start on a local level"

Downtown Duluth Arts Walk/Facebook

Springboard for the Arts is an organization that connects artists with resources to make a living, but they're not forgetting the rest of us.

A recent mailer features this invitation:

  • Take a 10 minute walk in silence.
  • Observe with all five of your senses.
  • Notice things like patterns, lines, negative and positive space.  Notice what your eye seems to gravitate toward.
  • Register mentally what you take notice of.
  • Then:
  • Go back and take the exact same walk again, but this time, talk about what you saw with a friend (from a polite distance of at least six feet) or write it down.

And tomorrow evening at 5:00pm, the Downtown Duluth Arts Walk is featuring an online event with panelists Adam Swanson, Moira Villiard, and Ryan Tischer.

As artist and the art world struggle with the challenges wrought by COVID-19 and take a serious look at inequality and structured racism, more people want to be active, "want to actively create the society they want to see."

To get the Zoom invitation link >>> https://facebook.com/events/s/arts-industry-social-hour/196440755008471/?ti=icl

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