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Road Salt Radio Charts

Charts as of May 16th, 2024

1. Mannequin PussyI Got Heaven
2. IDLESTangk
3. Laura Jane GraceHole In My Head
4. OMNISouvenir
5. Faye WebsterUnderdressed At The Symphony
6. LovingAny Light
7. GranddaddyBlu Wav
8. Real EstateDaniel
9. TorresWhat An Enormous Room
10. J MascisWhat Do We Do Now
11. The Last Dinner PartyPrelude To Ecstasy
12. Sheer MagPlaying Favorites
13. EkkstacyEkkstacy
14. Ronnie StoneRides Again
15. Quarters of Change Portraits
16. GengahrRed Sun Titans
17. Glass BeachPlastic Death
18. STRFKRParallel Realms
19. SerpentwithfeetGrip
20. Vera SolaPeacemaker
21. Finnoguns WakeStay Young
22. Tomato FlowerNo
23. Sweet PillStarchild
24. Remo DriveMercy
25. Teethe Teethe + Tag/Lucky
26. QuadecaScrapyard
27. BleachersBleachers
28. PowerwasherEveryone Laughs
29. Pissed JeansHalf Divorced
30. Brigitte Calls Me BabyThis House Is Made of Corners
Adds May 16th, 2024
How To Dress WellI Am Toward You
Shannon and the ClamsThe Moon Is In The Wrong Place
VillagersThat Golden Time
Mind's EyeLong Nights And Wasted Affairs
Vicky FarewellGive A Damn