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Apply to become an intern at The North 103.3 FM and you could learn any of the following skill sets:

On-Air Talent/Content Creator
Learn how to prepare an engaging and entertaining broadcast program. Or learn the skills needed to become a trusted news anchor, reporter, or investigative journalist!

Social Media
Ever dream of becoming an influencer or just having your own hobby YouTube channel? Let our social media and marketing experts teach you how to not only develop content, but also the secrets to making your content break through the clutter.

Radio Commerical Production
Learn how to produce head-turning audio for commercials, station promotions, and concert events. Our production team can guide you.

Branding & Marketing
Why is WDSE-FM called The North? Who decided to give it that name and why? We can teach you how to effectively brand any product and design marketing and promotional materials that help reinforce a brand's overall image.

Music Direction
Learn how radio stations decide on their music libraries. Finally, you may have an answer to the age-old question, "Why does the Top 40 station play that song 100 times per week?" There's much more to producing great on-air entertainment than just picking random songs.

Radio is more than just a box used by Boomers.

Radio broadcasting, in fact, is the world's first social media. We made music and content viral long before Tik-Tok, Instagram & YouTube. An internship at The North, 103.3 FM (formerly KUMD) presents you with an opportunity to work alongside media industry veterans and learn a large array of skills, applicable to numerous industries. Best of all, our internships are PAID internships and, depending on your assigned projects, you may be able to work remotely! We offer the opportunity to gain experience firsthand and cutting-edge tech and industry professionals with decades of experience.

Underwriting & Fundraising
Planning for a career in the non-profit sector? Let us teach you the basics of funding, successful grant proposals, and pooling community resources together to help everyone!

Radio Programming
Do you think you might make a better director than actor? Much like a film director, a radio station Program Director selects the on-air talent, coaches them to success, and helps them grow as artists and entertainers.

Management/Executive Administration
Are you most interested in running the whole operation? Do you love spreadsheets, data, financials, and audience research? Do you enjoy phrases like "paradigm shift," "inter-departmental synchronicity" and "game-changer"? At The North, you'll learn the skills needed to become a radio/music industry executive. It's not unlike managing an operation in other industries - but you'll learn what it takes to successfully steer your upstart media empire!

For over 60 years, we've offered Northern Minnesota students professional, real-world, deadline-driven experiences! Some of our alumni have gone on to major market/nationwide success thanks to their start with us! We look great on a resume and when a media industry employer sees our call letters in your work history, they know that they've found someone who speaks their language.

Apply to become an intern at The North 103.3 FM