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Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: #saytheirname

Eli Brody/Flickr

Museums were already in a time of transition before the coronavirus pandemic shut them down and death of George Floyd brought racism and other "colonial" attitudes - like "cultural looting" - to the forefront of the public consciousness.  How to move forward; how to listen and reevaluate is the challenge now. (Major U.S. Museums Criticized for Responses to Ongoing George Floyd Protests)

Credit Nadya Spetnitskaya/Unsplash

The craft resistance is helping folks rediscover or lay claim to skills and creativity they might not have thought of in a while - if ever.  And Craftivism is ... a thing.

Credit Rachel Yoder

If it's been a while since you tried your hand at papier-mâché, Smash a Coronavirus Piñata. You’ll Feel Better.

Credit Mathieu Stern

If you're a fan of eating your veggies, take heart; you can create photographs with them instead (Video: Mathieu Stern uses beet juice to create an 'anthotype' prints).

Credit American Indian Community Housing Organization
Karen Savage-Blue's submission to the AICHO Artists' Response campaign for education and awareness around COVID-19.

And Karen Savage-Blue's submission to the AICHO Artists' Respond to COVID-19 campaign (Local artist spreads awareness about COVID-19 through painting).

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