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Where's Art? Coming to a love bubble near you, that's where

Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Duluth Folk School classes, available for your small group, pod, or "love bubble" include building canoe paddles, tool boxes, or a rack for your ski jackets

2019 People's Choice Winners: Kid’s Choice – Ivan Gilbert, “Sea Turtle” Adult’s Choice – Toni Dachis, “Prince”
Credit Minnesota State Fair

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Organizers of the "Great Minnesota Get-Together" are doing their darndest to bring some of the best pieces of the state fair to pandemic-weary Minnesotans.  From the (sold out) Food Parade to a list of showcases (Quilt On-A-Stick, anyone?), to the MN State Fair Fine Arts Exhibitions, the Fair is hoping to bring the fun to you this year (even if you have to put things on a stick yourself.)

Credit Edie Fake
Edie Fake's drawing/meditation exercise

The Diary Project of the New York Times is a weekly visual assignment series produced by Alicia DeSantis, Jennifer Ledbury, Lorne Manly and Josephine Sedgwick.

This week's assignment is part drawing assignment, part meditation exercise, and artist Edie Fake calls it "A Drawing Exercise to Help See a Beautiful Way Forward."

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