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Green Visions: people as native plants, climate change, and "radical kindness"

Kate Likes to Draw/Facebook

Kate Young is a huge fan of native plants.  And people.  And turning people into native plants - or native plants into people - through her art.

The climate and social justice advocate is a member of the Loaves and Fishes community, and she's found the pandemic to be an exceptionally productive time, artistically speaking.

She's returned to drawing after a 25 year hiatus and is using her art, not only in service to the guests at Loaves and Fishes, but to explore climate change as part of the Culture x Climate: Duluth project.  The project highlights local artists, poets, photographers and others exploring environmental issues and climate change through their work.

You can find more information about various activities surrounding Culture x Climate: Duluth at the blog, here.

The Duluth/365 climate initiative will host a Facebook event and discussion on November 17th, at 8pm.

And you can connect with Kate Young, especially if you're interested in donating art supplies to the guests at Loaves and Fishes: Kate Likes to Draw on Facebook.

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