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There's no business like show business: Gaelynn Lea is Broadway-bound!

Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga (Greg Williams, courtesy 'Macbeth'); right: Gaelynn Lea (Paul Vienneau, courtesy the artist)

"My mom was like, 'I'm going to come over there!' and I was, like, 'No! You can't come over!' They'd ask 'Oh, do you live with your mom?' and I'd be, 'No, she's just here to see Daniel Craig on Zoom.'"

The irrepressible Gaelynn Lea talks about her gratitude for the ripples of career success set in motion by winning the NPR Tiny Desk Concert, her grudging appreciation for Spotify, and how she plans to juggle scoring a play on Broadway with work on her upcoming memoir, this morning on Northland Morning.

Lisa Johnson has been a broadcast journalist for 41 years ... and a radio announcer for a teensy bit longer.
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