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Data After Death: Remembrance and Resurrection


From your Facebook page to a bot that could remember your laugh or your jokes - thinking about how you live on after you're done living

Issues of data, privacy, and death are more complicated than just what happens to your social media accounts.

As people begin feeling their way through death and technology without the comfort of established traditions (What happens to your Facebook page? Does it become a memorial? Do your grandkids need to see the photos of you at that party 30 years from now?), Alexis Elder says the issue is not completely about data: it's also about context.

In her program Thursday at UWS, Elder turns to Daoist philosopher Zhuangzito unpack the importance of remembrance, what it is, and what it's not.

Lisa Johnson/Facebook

You can find our more about Alexis' presentation, and register for it here.

John Scalzi's "A Model Dog" is available here.

And Amy Olberding writes about Chinese philosophy and care of the dead. Read the essay here.

Lisa Johnson has been a broadcast journalist for 41 years ... and a radio announcer for a teensy bit longer.
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