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Radio Gallery 7-17-2010: Sculptures

This week we will focus on many local artists that have been on Radio Gallery. It presents ideas, and quotes about artists who have made sculptures in the local area and the way they contribute to the artistic scene as a whole.


Radio Gallery 7-17-2010: Sculptures

Radio Gallery has spoken with many sculpture artist, and this week we will feature ideas about different forms of sculpture art including performance art, installation art, nature, inspiration, and experiences of being an artist and sharing their work. Being an artist consists of much more then just the final product. Sculptures are sometimes so big that many walk by it every day without a closer look. This week, take a few minutes to ponder the large-scale three-dimensional pieces that are in your community. It is all about the whole process which includes getting an idea, deciding what to do with, and putting it all together to create a piece that represents what the artist hopes to share and portray to others. Sculpture art can be seen everywhere, and each piece of work has been carefully crafted by the work and imagination of the artist to share with others. The artists featured on this weeks segment share this process and what it means to them as an artist.

UMD's "Wild Ricing Moon"
Society of Minnesota Sculptors

Radio Gallery airs Wednesdays at 4pm and Thursdays at 7:45am and is brought to you by:

The Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund
The Duluth Public Arts Commission

Former Program Director, Maija Jenson teaches journalism in the Department of Communication at UMD and was a part of KUMD 2008-2019. She hosted a weekly arts program "Radio Gallery." She shares a lifetime of public radio listening, degrees in journalism and art and 20 years of public radio experience with KFAI, WHA, WSUM and KUMD.
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