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Live From Studio A: Humbird

Siri Undlin standing in front of a blue wall with a logo that reads "The North 103.3 FM" in white letters. The "O" on in The North is shaped like a compass.
Katelyn Brinza

Siri Undlin is the songwriter behind this Twin Cities project, which recently released a new album, Right On. We’ll find out more and hear Undlin perform some songs from the album solo when she joins us in the studio on Thursday, May 30 at 3pm. She’ll perform with her band the same night at Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth.


Siri Undlin singing with eyes closed, playing the guitar. In front of a wall of shelves filled with CD's.
Katelyn Brinza
Siri Undlin playing the guitar and singing. Photo is taken from a side profile.
Christine Dean
Siri Undlin looking down while playing the guitar.
Katelyn Brinza

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