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The Simple Plate
"The Simple Plate" is a new feature on Northland Morning every other Tuesday at 8:00 am, featuring tales of local food made and produced by local people.You'll hear conversations with local chefs and local food growers. We'll discuss food culture, visit area food events, and even share a few recipes."The Simple Plate" is supported by Whole Foods Co-Op of Duluth.

The Simple Plate: the Bash is Back

Duluth Cider

Duluth Cider is taking apples for the 2021 Big Bad Apple Bash

Give me your SnowSweet, your Rave...
Your Honeycrisp, still yet upon the tree ...
Your Golden Delicious, crabapple teeming from the branch ...
Send these, your Regent, Haralson to me ...

The Bash is back and Duluth Cider is welcoming your donations of apples.

Through October 9, they'll be accepting your mold- and bruise-free apples (no windfalls or pre-bitten apples, either, please) to make a hard cider you can't get a taste of until next year.

But the good news is, 2020's Bash Blend is out, and with the varieties of heirloom apples in this town, it's basically "history in a glass."

Lisa Johnson has been a broadcast journalist for 41 years ... and a radio announcer for a teensy bit longer.