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Socked in - adults are lousy at snow days

Lisa Johnson

My dear snowplow i think I know now Just how I'm gonna dig myself out of this one Snowplow, get up and go now I'm sick of crying on your shoulder Now I am ready to start over Rachael Kilgour - "Snowplow"

Duluth residents tapped their fingers, vented on social media or stared longingly out their windows Monday, waiting for city snowplows to free them from the 2-foot snowdrifts.  But tempers were already wearing thin less than 24 hours after the snow stopped.  What's taking them so long?  Why haven't the plows been by yet? How long does this take, anyway?  KUMD decided to find out.

Not surprisingly, the City of Duluth maintains a comprehensive website devoted to snow removal.  Lots of information here.

The St. Louis County Public Works Department is responsible for the removal of snow and ice from county roads, as well as some township roads.

MNDOT also removes snow from area roads and highways; here's more about their snow-removal operations.

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