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Tune in as we celebrate the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival, happening April 28-May 5. We have you covered with daily Live From Studio A sessions featuring Homegrown rawk and/or rollers, festival highlights from local music experts, and daily photo and blog posts.Like and follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be in the know for Homegrown.This Homegrown Week on The North 103.3 is made possible by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Homegrown Music Festival 2023 Day 7

A woman sits in a hoop suspended by aerial silks with a dummy made to look like a man in formal wear sitting next to her.
Stevie Twining
Sea Smoke Aerial Arts performance at Studio Four

Day 7 of the 2023 Duluth Homegrown Music Festival started with the return of the informal Rock-n-run, a casual morning run in Chester Bowl organized via Tweet by Alan Sparhawk of Low sporadically through the years.

At Duluth Coffee Company, Ross Thorn took over from the Mahon brothers to provide a Homegrown morning soundtrack to start the day.

At noon, despite the cold and fog, plenty of Rawkers (musicians who played Friday night) and Rollers (musicians who played Saturday night) showed up at Chester Bowl at noon for the traditional kickball game. The Rawkers won handily; find a recap of the game at Perfect Duluth Day.

Evening shows featured a wide array of music at thirteen different venues, and dance and aerial performances at Stage Four. Take a look at our photos from Day 7:

A band performs on a stage
Megan McGarvey
Israel Malachi Orchestra performs at Teatro Zuccone
A man stands behind DJ gear looking down at it as he plays music.
Stevie Twining
NorthWood Beats performs at Legacy Glassworks
Two seated men playing guitar as seen from behind looking out into an audience.
Megan McGarvey
The Bitter Spills perform at the Owls Club
A smiling woman holds a guitar in front of a microphone and is putting one hand up to her ear. There's a man playing guitar in the foreground with his back to the camera, and part of a drum kit can be seen on the right side of the photo.
Stevie Twining
Eldri Snow performs at One Stop Shop
A woman in a red and white costume seen from behind bending over backwards with her hair hanging down.
Jeremy Nelson
Seas Smoke Aerial Arts performer at Studio Four
Two men in vests and ties playing guitar backed by a man on bass and a man on drums.
Megan McGarvey
The Old Smugglers perform at Legacy Glassworks
A woman playing drums and a woman playing guitar on a raised stage in the corner of a reddish room.
Megan McGarvey
Lioness perform at One Stop Shop
Two men holding microphones performing on a stage lit by blue stage lighting.
Megan McGarvey
Tarli performs at Duluth Flame
A group of performers in black Homegrown t-shirts hold hands in a circle with another performer in the middle with her arms upraised.
Stevie Twining
Zenith Dance Collective performs at Studio Four
A fiddler, stand up bass player, and guitarist perform on a stage with an audience seen in front of them.
Christine Dean
The Field Birds perform at Sir Benedict's Tavern
A woman onstage leaning on the back of a man playing a flying v guitar. Both are dressed in black with gothic face makeup.
Jeremy Nelson
God's Holy Blood perform at R.T. Quinlan's
A band playing in the corner of a crowded room
Megan McGarvey
Ponyfolk perform at One Stop Shop
A band seen in silhouette with colorful beams of light shining behind them.
Megan McGarvey
Sadkin perform at Duluth Flame
A woman in a peacock blue strapless dress holds two yellow feather fans in the air
Stevie Twining
The Duluth Dolls perform at Studio Four
A man plays guitar on stage
Jeremy Nelson
A Band Called Truman performs at R.T. Quinlan's
A man plays an acoustic guitar on stage. In the dark background, a woman can be seen playing fiddle.
Christine Dean
Wild Horses perform at the Rex
A man on the left wearing a black cape and playing a keyboard onstage and two men in black capes playing guitar on the right.
Megan McGarvey
Damian performs at Blacklist Brewing
A man playing guitar on a stage with another man playing guitar behind him.
Stevie Twining
Bill Berguson Band performs at Carmody
A band on stage. The lead singer is looking at the camera and making the devil horns gesture in front of his face.
Megan McGarvey
Safe for Now performs at Pizza Luce
A man with what looks like blood on his face sings into a microphone. There is a small naked statue in front of him.
Jeremy Nelson
Bratwurst performs at R.T. Quinlan's
A man wearing a white shirt, dark tie, and sunglasses sings into a microphone. To his left is a man playing saxophone, to his right is a man playing bass.
Megan McGarvey
Big Wave Dave and the Ripples perform at Blacklist Brewing
A band performs on stage.
Christine Dean
All the Pretty Horses perform at Pizza Luce

Christine is The North 103.3's Music Director, a host of Music Through the Day, and the producer of Live from Studio A. One of her favorite things about her job is the opportunity to share music from the Twin Ports’ many talented local artists. In her spare time she takes full of advantage of Duluth’s outdoors opportunities.
Luke Moravec is the host for Northland Morning on The North 103.3. He’s also a local actor, musician and writer. He loves puzzles, riddles and fun mysteries.
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