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Tune in as we celebrate the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival, happening April 28-May 5. We have you covered with daily Live From Studio A sessions featuring Homegrown rawk and/or rollers, festival highlights from local music experts, and daily photo and blog posts.Like and follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be in the know for Homegrown.This Homegrown Week on The North 103.3 is made possible by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Homegrown Music Festival 2023 Day 6

A crowd of people face an altar with members of a choir and a woman dressed in white as a priestess facing them and an altar lit up with colorful projected patterns behind them.
Isaac Quick
Robot Rickshaw and friends at Sacred Heart Music Center

On Day 6 of the 2023 Duluth Homegrown Music Festival, Jacob and Owen Mahon hosted their last Mahon Morning of the week with special guest Boss Mama aka Colleen Myhre at Duluth Coffee Company.

Future church. That's an accurate, but wholly insufficient description of how the night began at Sacred Heart Music Center with Robot Rickshaw (aka Troy Rogers) and over 20 co-conspirators for what proved to be the night's most talked-about event. The performance was sometimes an earnest look back at a future that may come to be with "readings from the book of the collapse", sometimes humorous with a responsorial of "ok, cool", and a collection of money from the congregation; shortly thereafter, this wealth was redistributed as the bills were showered back into the audience. Though the music was experimental and more atmospheric, the in-house organ frequently kept the tone tied to that of a Christian gathering. Also of note; in the future, the communion host is sour dough and Homegrown founder Starfire is the Messiah.

Take a look at more of our photos from night 6 of the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival:

A man in a t-shirt and shorts plays guitar and sings into a microphone.
Christine Dean
Forseer performs at the Owl's Club
An overhead shot of a large jazz band performing in front of a large seated audience.
Jeremy Nelson
Owls Club Big Band performs at Studio 4
A smiling man on stage under blue light holding a fiddle and bow.
Jeremy Nelson
Clancy Ward of Side String Band at the performance at Carmody
Four men seated hunched over various electronic instruments
Stevie Twining
Big Science at Teatro Zuccone
A DJ seen from the back side view manipulating a fader with his mixer, laptop and microphone in front of him and an audience gathered around in front of him.
Jeremy Nelson
DJ Sox performs at The Flame Duluth
A man in the foreground plays guitar while a man and woman play guitar in the background.
Stevie Twining
Prairie Fyre performs at Sir Benedict's Tavern
A band performs on a stage in front of a brick wall.
Stevie Twining
The Latelys perform at Studio Four
A man playing guitar on stage
Stevie Twining
Timbre Ghost performs at Blacklist Brewing
A woman on stage wearing a black lace bodysuit while playing guitar looks back over her shoulder with a smile.
Jeremy Nelson
Laura Sellner of Superior Siren at their performance at the Duluth Flame
A smiling woman plays accordian and sings into a microphone while to her right a man plays guitar and sings into a microphone. They are wearing matching western-themed purple outfits.
Jeremy Nelson
Dance Attic performs at Dubh Linn
Black and white photo of a man playing guitar and singing into a microphone.
Stevie Twining
Danny Frank of Danny Frank and the Smoky Gold performs at Pizza Luce
A man whose shirt is open to show his chest makes a face while he plays a guitar behind his head.
Stevie Twining
Jesse Hoheisel of Nvr Tgthr performs at Blacklist Brewing
A woman wearing headphones holds a microphone in one hand and uses the other to play music on a control board
Stevie Twining
Ingeborg von Agassiz performs at Duluth Flame
A man leans forward while he raps into a wireless mic
Jeremy Nelson
JamesG performs at Dubh Linn
A woman playing an electric guitar
Stevie Twining
Moriah Skye of Robyn Graves and the Sordid Affairs performs at Blacklist Brewing

Christine is The North 103.3's Music Director, a host of Music Through the Day, and the producer of Live from Studio A. One of her favorite things about her job is the opportunity to share music from the Twin Ports’ many talented local artists. In her spare time she takes full of advantage of Duluth’s outdoors opportunities.
Luke Moravec is the host for Northland Morning on The North 103.3. He’s also a local actor, musician and writer. He loves puzzles, riddles and fun mysteries.
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