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Here's where we find out which albums the DJs on The North 1033's student-run program Road Salt Radio are excited about each week!

Road Salt Radio Featured Album of the Week: 100 Gecs

Album cover featuring a black background and indecipherable writing in white

100 Gecs are back with a new EP called Snake Eyes. The hyperpop duo, consisting of musicians Laura Les and Dylan Brady, released the EP as a surprise drop for fans in early December. Snake Eyes continues to expand on the Gecs’ signature sound, bringing some of their most melodic, abrasive, and catchy songs to date.

The first song, “Hey Big Man'' is a great opener. The thrilling guitar riffs and loud drums (done by Josh Freese) make the track feel like an early Beastie Boys song that the Gecs updated to fit their own unique sound. The song has been an opener at their live shows on the 10,000 Gecs tour, and is the perfect opener to Snake Eyes, too, as the intensity and groove of the song set the tone for the rest of the EP.

The next song “Torture Me,” is a remix of a previously-unreleased song that was performed at a virtual concert in Minecraft during the pandemic. The remix, done by one of the biggest EDM musicians of the 2010s, Skrillex, provides a different but nice contrast to the unreleased version. It takes you back to when EDM ruled the music charts with satisfying drops and slick vocals.

The final song, “Runaway” is my personal favorite off the EP. The song starts with a beautiful piano melody underneath Laura Les’ vocals; as the song progresses, the piano melody is accompanied by a classic 100 Gecs synth. The song builds into an arena anthem with guitar and vocals that are reminiscent of a pop-punk song; it is a great track to close out the EP.

Snake Eyes is only about six minutes long, but there's no filler on any of these Gecs tracks. Each song feels different from one another, but all of them fit right at home in the Gecs’ discography. 100 Gecs also announced their new album 10,000 Gecs will be released on March 17th. While the fans wait for the new album, Snake Eyes is the perfect appetizer.

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