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Here's where we find out which albums the DJs on The North 1033's student-run program Road Salt Radio are excited about each week!

Basement Featured Album of the Week: Alvvays - Blue Rev

The album art for the Bue Rev album from Alvvays. The art features three people. A young girl closest to the camera is being helped out of a boat wearing a lifejacket. A man and women are helping the young girl out of the boat.
Album art for Blue Rev by Alvvays

Blue Rev is the latest album from Alvvays. This Canadian band has been topping the Basement charts! Their newest album since 2017 was a phenomenal comeback.

“Pharmacist” is the first and most popular song on the tracklist, and for good reasons. The lyricism leaves much to interpret while listening. There are a lot of call and response lines that make it easy to catch on and sing along to. My personal favorite song is “After the Earthquake.” The peppy melody contrasts the lyrics talking about the aftermath of an earthquake. “Pressed” is another fast-paced song, and shows off those familiar, staple, and well-loved indie pop drumming and bass patterns.

“Tom Verlaine” brings back the melancholy guitar riffs. “Pomeranian Spinster” is the most punk song on the album, with strong vocals and angsty lyrics from the lead singer Molly Rankin. “Lottery Noises” shows a more dreamy side of her voice, as the soft verses show off the higher part of her range. While this song still has full-force choruses, the final song “Fourth Figure” is whimsical and is consistently soft throughout the whole song.

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