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Where's Art? with Annie Dugan: "creating a framework for others to have a voice"

St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation/Facebook

  The mural project in Duluth's Lincoln Park, at 2024 W 3rd Street on 21st Avenue West, is finally done, and Moira Villiard is pretty excited about it.







Credit Michelle Waabanangagokwe Defoe/Facebook
Moira Villiard puts finishing touches on a painting with a brush attached to a pole

She writes:

Finished! What's cool about this mural is that the hand, top left, color scheme, and concept are really all that I designed. The rest was everyone else. Left wall was almost entirely coordinated by my team on their own (Laurel Saunders helped bring the ricing scene to life, Michelle Defoe designed the florals and took some initiative on the design, Heather Olson and Aurora Webster each brought to life a window on their own), all the dragonflies were originally designed by kids, the fish were based on kids work as well (Neighborhood Youth Services and Steve O'Neill Apartments), and the top right is a floral by Daniell LaPorte.   Miigwech to Arrowhead Regional Arts CouncilSaint Paul & Minnesota FoundationMcKnight Foundation and American Indian Community Housing Organization for supporting this project, and Lincoln Park Resource Center/Hostel/Charles Obije for allowing us to paint their building!
If you're interested in the idea of community art, Springboard for the Arts has a free, downloadable toolkitfor folks who might want to get something going on their own.

Credit AICHO/Facebook

Tomorrow, AICHO presents a "Medicine Bundle/Pouch and Apaakozigan" Session with Herb Fineday. This free session will start at 6:30 pm on Thursday via Zoom. It’s an experiential session on how to make a medicine bundle/pouch and traditional tobacco. If you want to make your own pouch, you will need enough leather or buckskin to make a pouch that will measure approximately an 8 inch square and a leather string of about 30inches. You will also need a few cut twigs of red willow for the apaakozigan. You can also watch and not participate as well. This session will be fun for youth too!

Registration could be closed now; email Ivy at ivyv@aicho.org with "Medicine Bundle Session" in the subject line for more information.

Lisa Johnson started her broadcast career anchoring the television news at her high school and spinning country music at KWWK/KOLM Radio in Rochester, Minnesota. She was a reporter and news anchor at KTHI in Fargo, ND (not to mention the host of a children's program called "Lisa's Lane") and a radio reporter and anchor in Moorhead, Bismarck, Wahpeton and Fergus Falls.Since 1991, she has hosted Northland Morning on KUMD. One of the best parts of her job includes "paying it forward" by mentoring upcoming journalists and broadcasters on the student news team that helps produce Northland Morning. She also loves introducing the different people she meets in her job to one another, helping to forge new "community connections" and partnerships.Lisa has amassed a book collection weighing over two tons, and she enjoys reading, photography, volunteering with Animal Allies Humane Society and fantasizing about farmland. She goes to bed at 8pm, long before her daughter, two cats, or three dogs.
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