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The Interview: Hippo Campus

 A group of people huddled around an orange room in funky clothes.

Hippo Campus started off as a group of high schoolers at the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists back in 2013 and have since built a grassroots fanbase leading to three critically acclaimed albums and multiple world tours and festival appearances. In 2017, NPR named them as one of their favorite new artists.

They’ve recently released their latest EP Wasteland which touches on themes of friendship, hardship, heartbreak, and, ultimately, perseverance.

Hippo Campus headlined Bayfront Festival Park with fellow Twin Cities artists Miloe and papa mbye on Saturday, June 24, 2023.

On this edition of The Interview, guitarist and vocalist Nathan Stocker discusses their musical education, the need for staying healthy mentally and physically as touring musicians, and their most recent release here on the North 103.3 FM.


Shane German comes to the North 103.3 via community radio station WYCE in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he was the Music Director for 6 years. He's excited to explore a new city, and new terrain - and to engage with a new community.<br/>
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