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Phenology with local naturalist Larry Weber every Friday morning at 8:20 on Northland Morning.

Backyard Almanac: Outstanding October

A blue salamander on a fallen autumn leaf
Matthew Ignoffo [Via Flickr]

The cold has arrived. This past week saw several areas of the Northland speckled with frost. Most sightings of frost will be closer to the ground, particularly on spider webs.

“Outstanding October” begins with trees that are still green. “We’re going to have a lot of change,” says Weber. “By the end of the month these very same trees will have dropped their leaves.” October can also be a month when strange things happen – temps can still get hot (88 degrees just two years ago) and snow is not uncommon.

Birds are still a topic of frequent conversation, even though the peak of raptor sightings has passed. Take a look at smaller birds, especially sparrows. A close examination of these common birds will show that there are a variety of different species.

“I saw a salamander; we don’t have many kinds of salamanders in the area,” says Weber. Blue spotted salamanders look black, but the keen eye will note blue spots.

But right now the marquee event is, or course, the changing leaves on the trees. “The greatest one is the sumac,” says Weber. “It’s hard for me to keep the car on the road when I see those.”

Luke Moravec is the host for Northland Morning on The North 103.3. He’s also a local actor, musician and writer. He loves puzzles, riddles and fun mysteries.
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