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Journey to Wellness // Monday 8:00amA 10-minute bi-weekly program on Native American Community Health in MN and around the country in partnership with the University of Minnesota Medical School- Duluth Campus, Center of American Indian and Minority Health. The program will feature interviews with medical and health researchers, professors, and doctors plus native people active in Native American health today. Journey to Wellness on The North 103.3 is made possible by Ampers and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Journey to Wellness in Indian Country: "it's all holy ground, really"


Here's a much-needed silver lining in our new and challenging times: Dr. Linda LeGarde Grover says 112 people joined her for the Department of American Indian Studies' first Zoom presentation; many more, she says, than would ever have been able to attend in person.

Dibaajimowin ("the telling of true things") might look a little different these days, but it does enable more people to hear and learn than when your only option was to attend in person.

Maybe we listen to the stories in new ways, but Legarde Grover wanted to focus this presentation on a sense of place for those of us who live here,  regardless of your background or the lens through which you view the land.  So she anchored her essays, stories and poetry at Point of Rocks in the center of Duluth, the view from which "sweeps westward to eastward as well as past to present."

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