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Women's Words: March 3, 2013: Kat Mandeville

Women's Words on March 3, 2013 featured Kat Mandeville, reading two poems, "Skipping to Middle Chapters for Graphic Description" and "Island Ghazal."


Women's Words: March 3, 2013: Kat Mandeville

Kat Mandeville studied at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, then at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and now studies philosophy at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. In Duluth she spends her time reading, writing, waiting tables, and occasionally performing.

Her poems have been published with literary journals such as :
Prick of the Spindle, and the Oakland Review. Locally, she is published in the anthology Migrations. A selection of her poems inspired the multi-media exploit ""From the Margins, This, Unmentioned", composed by Bryan Senti, produced by Found Objects Music Productions. It premiered in Brooklyn, New York in 2009 with the MacArthur Dance Project, and then in 2011 with The Nouveau Classical Project.

If there is interest in her poetry book "Spider Country" from which her poems were read, please contact her at: spidercountry@gmail.com - the book is free

Women's Words airs Sundays at 1:30pm and 3:30pm. Funding for Women's Words is provided by The Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Chris Harwood is The North 1033’s Production Director and (acting) Program Director, a morning/daytime host, and the host of Soul Village. He is also a musician, a music historian, an audio engineer, and an avid record collector.
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