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Basement Featured Album of the Week: The Avalanches' Since I Left You

The Avalanches'
The Avalanches'

This week’s Featured Album of the Week on the Basement is The Avalanches’ debut record,Since I Left You. This album was picked for this week in anticipation of the new Avalanchesalbum, We Will Always Love You, which was announced earlier this month and is the follow-upto their 2016 comeback album Wildflower. 

It’s hard to find an album that has aged as well as The Avalanches’ Since I Left You. Releasedin 2000, Since I Left You is the debut record from Australian electronic group The Avalanches,who developed an album made up nearly entirely of samples after years of digging for records.The album features somewhere between 900 and 4,000 samples, mixed together to make anew kind of sample record - one unlike DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing or Daft Punk’s Homework.

Since I Left You takes the listener on a journey (a little journey, perhaps?) through all kinds ofmusic: from Madonna to Raekwon to Sergio Mendes, but sequenced into a psychedelic dancetrip through the LP era. While the album is very much a plunderphonics record, the musicsounds new and fresh. The samples work with each other to create a new tapestry of denselypacked, lushly produced disco tunes that flow into one another, making it a truly worthwhile full-record listen. If the prospect of groovy dance music with lush orchestration, clever samples, andquite a few vinyl cracks and pops peaks your interest, then Since I Left You is definitely worthyour time.- Rhys Finnegan, Basement Music Director

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