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KUMD Album Reviews: !!!


There are only two types of songs, ones that sing and ones that dance. In the case of !!! (This is literally their band name, pronounced "Chk Chk Chk") they fall more towards the latter then the former.!!!'s new album titled "THR!!!ER" sees them reliving the glory days of when club music was performed by live bands rather then DJ's. The opening track "Even When the Water's Cold" has the perfect attitude of keeping the party going, singing in the chorus "I'll swim even when the water's cold. That's one thing that I know" while accompanied by some funk guitar riffs and a great backing beat. The track "One Boy/One Girl" sounds something straight out of the 70's with some classic funk guitar while lyrically telling us about love we are reminded of when we hear that certain song. If there is one thing this album does phenomenally is keep every hook the focus of the song while not making it repetitive, !!! rather experiments with the variations and arrangements of each track and keep it sounding like a live jam. The songs aren't always so clean cut however, the song "Slyd" gives us a grittier dance track, with interesting use of synth and drum effects and just a straight up dirty bass line. "Californiyeah" is another track that uses its hooks and chorus to keep the lines in your head constantly. The album length perfectly fits the theme of party/dance music, keeping it short with 9 songs ranging usually from 4-6 minute tracks. The album closer "Station (Meet Me At The)" brings out a little bit more of their punk/jam roots, giving us one of the louder, celebratory tracks on the album. This album is the perfect kick start to summer and to the end (hopefully) of one of the longest winter's experienced in awhile. So crank it up to eleven and kick out the jams cause !!! "THR!!!ER" lives up to its name.

Rec Tracks: "Even When the Water's Cold", "One Boy/One Girl", "Slyd", "Californiyeah"

Sounds Like: Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Franz Ferdinand, Battles, Daft Punk