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KUMD Album Reviews: Titus Andronicus


Frustration, anger, angst. Many more adjectives could be used to describe New Jersey punk outfit Titus Andronicus. Even though the band has had a recent line-up change, on their new release Local Business they prove that nothing can change their original style. This new album if anything proves that there are still a lot of musical ideas behind the band. This record, in comparison to their last 2, still has the classic 8-9 minute long jams but in a way makes a more personal record and less of a big statement or giant themes. Proving that Titus is just as good as making a slow meaningful jam as their usual faster punk epic anthems.By Basement DJ: Nate Mechtel

In their song "My Eating Disorder" the 8 minute long jam actually has a slower, dark ending with its already self loathing and insecure lyrics. This album has also more variety and emotions between each song. With songs like "In a Big City" and "Still Life with Hot Deuce On Silver Platter" keeping a brighter almost poppy punk song style, or having the fast short punk jams like "Food Fight!" or "Titus Andronicus vs. The Absurd Universe (3rd Round KO)". While it may be lacking in some of the grandness that people have come to expect of them since their last record, Titus Andronicus's Local Business is a definite solid punk record and overall triumph to add to the band's discography.