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KUMD Album Reviews: Marco Benevento

Experimental jazz? How can anyone go wrong, especially after a dozen years of experience? Marco Benevento has released TigerFace to add as his fourth album under the Royal Potato Family recording label, among many others collaborations under many other labels and names, like Hyena Records and the Benevento/Russo Duo.By Basement DJ: Andrew Leider

As before, Benevento brings a mixture of purely abstruse and translucent synthesizer riffs, along with the usual contemporary compositions of his pianist talents, into a cacophony of what is called indie jazz, perhaps uniquely to Benevento. The music, it seems, is made to drag one in much easier than other forms of music, like in "Eagle Rock" and "Soma" that almost have a feel of a soundtrack for a film of great immensity and depth (like the music itself). A few that delve into deeper deluge are "Escape Horse" and "Going West," as well as Kalmia Traver's featured tracks "Limbs Of A Pine" and "This Is How It Goes". The vocally minimal track.

Listen If You Like: East West Quintet, Eluvium, any form of Jazz

Recommended Tracks: "This Is How It Goes," "Eagle Rock," "Soma"