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KUMD Album Reviews: The Tribe and Big Cats!

The Tribe and Big Cats! have been working nonstop to make a name for themselves in the venerated Minneapolis hip hop scene, and with a recent sold out 7th St. Entry show, it looks like they are on the right track. The Tribe and Big Cats! consists of MC TruthBeTold and producer Big Cats. They claim that they live by the motto that rap can be fun without being stupid; a respectable philosophy, since nowadays most main stream rap is often perceived as just that - stupid. By Basement DJ: Hannah Maertz

TTxBC does not fail on living up to this standard with their latest release, Make Good. Make Good delivers a diverse array of tunes from cruising songs to party bangers all while leaving room for a few enjoyable, slightly more pensive songs. The album starts off with "Blow it Up With Fire"; Big Cats develops a solid, soulful sample with TruthBeTold's impeccable deliver over this ?ber-catchy track. The album sags a little bit in the middle with the annoying, whiny hook from pop singer Pat Brown on "Stay High" and the slightly monotonous "Smells like Teen Anxiety". These are merely small blemishes on an overall solid album that showcases how far Tribe and Big Cats! have come in a short time and at such a relatively young age ( both are in their early 20's). TruthBeTold is able to come off confident without seeming arrogant, and it works well for them.