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KUMD Album Reviews: Doomtree

The Minneapolis hip hop collective called Doomtree (who graced our school with their presence last fall) has recently released a new album called No Kings. No Kings showcases the talents of all seven members: MC's Cecil Otter, P.O.S, Dessa. Mike Mictlan, and Sims alongside dominating producer Lazerbeak. Doomtree is a group of artists who have been honing their craft for a long time without selling out.By Basement DJ: Hannah Maertz

As they say on the fast-aced and sure to be a crowd favorite track "Bangarang", Doomtree has
been in their own lane for the past ten years, creating a name for themselves with their own unique brand of hip hop while squashing the competition. No Kings is an album that perfectly encompasses their broad range of talent. For the most part, it is a mash up of intense, intricate metaphors atop of heavy beats. It's an interesting contrast to hear Cecil's smooth, relaxed lines along with P.O.S.'s infectious energy on top of Dessa's light hip hop. Mictlan's so-cal influenced delivery combined with SIMS dark and poetic energy also lends a unique dynamic to the album. If you didn't notice, the fact that there are so many big names on this album and on many of the songs becomes slightly overwhelming at times. However, this feeling fades as the songs become more familiar and the lyrics sink in. But if you are one that doesn't really put priority on clever lines, No Kings may still be for you because although Doomtree is well-known for their wit and are equally well-known for their commanding and addictive beats. Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger are helped out by Cecil and P.O.S. quite a few times when it comes to production, and the result is a textured, beautiful display of instrumentals. Overall, the best tracks to check out are String Theory, Bangarang, and the Grand Experiment.