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KUMD Album Reviews: Low Beam - <em>Charge of the Light Brigade</em>

Low-Beam's debut LP Charge of the Light Brigade took four years to make. This is most likely due to producer Michael Deming's (who has worked with Silver Jews, Lilys, Pernice Brothers, et al.) meticulous creative process. Listening to the album, one probably wouldn't have guessed it took that long to create. By Basement DJ: The Doctor

However, after considering the care that must go into producing an album of straight forward guitar pop in 2011 with any intention of standing out, the lengthy production process begins to make a lot of sense. Low-Beam's bright, free-wheelin' rock style features vibrant keyboards and sing-along-worthy harmonies courtesy of guitarist Charles James and keyboard player Jaimee Weatherbee. The music features nods to Yo La Tengo and The Olivia Tremor Control but the crystal-clear production discourages any meandering into neo-psychedelic wank territory. The album is catchy, easily accessible, and sure to leave you charged n' ready for summer.

Recommended if you like: The Black Hollies, The Apples in Stereo, Elf Power

Focus tracks: "Airstream", "Skullcrusher", "Tuffy Rhodes"