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Pomegranates - <em>One of Us</em>

Having only existed as a band since 2006, Pomegranates have produced three full-length albums: an impressive feat for an up-and-coming, relatively obscure indie rock band. This year's release, One of Us, finds the Cincinnati-based already going through that proverbial "experimental" phase, incorporating strings and subtle electronics into the mix of fuzz guitar and a rowdy rhythm section.By Basement DJ the Doctor

Though that notion may sound tired, Pomegranates pull it off with impressive results. The often propulsive drums and bass intertwined with vibrant synths are reminiscent of Wolf Parade at their finest with the band exuding a freewheeling, neo-psychedelic vibe that keeps the album dynamic, balanced, and accessible. The sequencing on the album is commendable with moody instrumental interludes spread in between the more boisterous moments. I'm not sure if it's too late to say you got into Pomegranates "before they were cool" (is that even still cool?), but with their current output rate, they're sure to be regarded as indie rock darlings rather soon. Regardless, I recommend jumping on the wagon as soon as possible; this album rocks.

Recommended if you like: Wolf Parade, the Apples in Stereo, Modest Mouse

Focus tracks: "Prouncer", "50's", "One of Us"