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Backyard Almanac: "The darkness will outshine the light - well, you know what I mean"

Photo by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver on Unsplash

This is the final weekend of summer, what with next weekend's autumnal equinox and all.

The BWCA was named, not just the newest dark sky sanctuary but the largest

Lots of migrants passing through Hawk Ridge, but non-winged ones (like snakes) are on the move as well.

Plus some suddenly develop wings (giant water bugs), infant snapping turtles are out, and it's color, color everywhere.

The Giant Water Bug is the biggest bug in Minnesota -- a full 2-inches long and about 1-inch wide. This creature is in the insect order known as Hemiptera, or the "true" bugs. The family is Belostomatidae, which consists of bugs commonly known as Giant Water Bugs (not beetles). The species in the genus Lethocerus, as this one is, are our largest belostomatids. So, the Giant Water Bug is as large an insect as you will find in the United States.
Credit MN PCA

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Credit Copyright Chris Pascone. Used with permission.
We shared this photo last week but - seriously? It's just too adorable not to share again.

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