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Change Your Mind: Living with Mental Illness

Change Your Mind: Living with Mental Illness

It's Mental Health Week, and we're kicking off a special weeklong series on Northland Morning called "Change Your Mind: Living with Mental Illness."

TXT4LIFE started right here in the Northland in 2011.
No matter who you are, if you need someone to talk to, text “Life” to 61222.   A trained counselor will respond to your text. Find out more about TXT4LIFE at txt4life.org

Monday, 10/5 | 8am
Mary McClernon is here to talk about family and social support
Tuesday, 10/6 | 8am
David Lee talks about The Birch Tree Center and crisis support - how new options for treatment serve both the patient and the community better
Wednesday, 10/7 | 8am
Rick Gertsema talks about DBT, a kind of therapy designed to help people with mental illness increase their coping skills, identify emotional triggers and change unhelpful behavior patterns.  And it might work for you, too!
Thursday, 10/8 | 8am
Street Outreach worker Deb Holman talks about the Catch-22 of discharge planning - how mentally ill people can insist they be discharged from the hospital even if they have nowhere to go or no one to help them.
Friday, 10/9 | 8am
Jackie Buffington-Vollum talks about the work she does training the Duluth Police Department and others to safely de-escalate a mental health crisis and connect people with mental health resources instead of jail.

The Mental Health Week on KUMD was made possible in part by the Human Development Center, Miller-Dwan Foundation and the St. Luke’s Foundation.