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Live from Studio A: Gavin St. Clair and His Trio

Four men stand with their arms around each other in front of a frosted window, blocking the lettering. Down the hall to their left is a similar frosted window that reads The North 103.3 FM in blue lettering.
Christine Dean
(left to right) Alex Piazza, Owen Mahon, Gavin St. Clair, and Alex Nelson

This Duluth musician will brought his trio, featuring Alex Piazza on bass, Owen Mahon on drums, and Alex Nelson on keyboards, to our studios on February 3, 2023. The singer/songwriter is releasing his second EP, Rollin' it Back, the following night with a show at Wussow’s Concert Café. The North 103.3's Christine Dean talked with St. Clair about writing the songs, working with producer and Duluth native Nat Harvie, and getting inspired by his dad to first pick up a guitar. The group also performed songs from the release; Piazza and Mahon played on the recorded version, and St. Clair brought in Nelson to re-create the keyboard parts he played himself on the EP.

A drummer, a guitarist and vocalist, and a bassist performing in a radio studio surrounded by shelves of CDs.
Christine Dean
Owen Mahon on drums, Gavin St. Clair on guitar and vocals, and Alex Piazza on bass in Studio A
A man singing into a microphone and playing guitar is slightly out of focus in the background and another man with a dark beard and his hair in a knot is seen in profile in the foreground.
Christine Dean
Gavin St. Clair and Alex Nelson perform in Studio A

Christine is The North 103.3's Music Director, a host of Music Through the Day, and the producer of Live from Studio A. One of her favorite things about her job is the opportunity to share music from the Twin Ports’ many talented local artists. In her spare time she takes full of advantage of Duluth’s outdoors opportunities.
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