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The Uncompromising Emerson Sloane: During

Emerson Sloane
"This is what the law requires in my birth state of Kentucky in order for me to amend the sex marker on my birth certificate. I got this before my legal name change."

"Duluth is my city. I became an adult here. Twice."

Duluth's Emerson Sloane started making compromises when she was five years old.

But when she hit her 40s, the answer to the question she'd been asking herself for decades, "Are you willing to live like this from here on out?", came back "No."

This morning, she takes us through the transition process, from arriving at her decision, through finding doctors, medical setbacks, transitioning during a pandemic, and why she never considered leaving Duluth to make this change in the anonymity of a bigger town.

Ribbet collage drs.png
Emerson Sloane
(l to r) James Conniff, MD. Essentia Health; Eric Griffith, CNP. Essentia Health Endocrinology; Michaela Mayfield, Ph.D. Essentia. Behavioral Health.

Tomorrow on part 3 of "The Uncompromising Emerson Sloane," she takes us through her first year. The challenges ... the fear ... and the courage she's discovered it takes to live with joy.

You can read more about Emerson's journey on her blog. And you can make contact with Emerson's medical professionals through Essentia Health.

Lisa Johnson has been a broadcast journalist for 41 years ... and a radio announcer for a teensy bit longer.