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Community rallies around local post offices; postal workers

Mike Mayou

Widespread cutbacks in staffing and equipment at local post offices, ordered by the Postmaster General.

As a result, worries about everything from people who get their medications through the mail to disenfranchised voters.

When local postal workers return to their office for the day today, they'll be met by picketers - but these picketers are urging the community to appreciate postal workers and demand action to support the USPS.

Community activist and event organizer Mike Mayou says:

You can contact Minnesota legislator through heroesdelivering.com or usmailnotforsale.org, or by contacting Reps. Stauber, Smith, and Klobuchar directly through their own websites.

We also encourage members of the public to contact the Post Office Board of Governors members and demand they take action to address the actions of Postmaster DeJoy by emailing them at the following addresses:

Robert Duncan, mduncan@inezdepositbank.com;

John Barger, barger.jm@gmail.com;

Ron Bloom, ron.bloom@brookfield.com;

Roman Martinez, roman@rmiv.com;

Donald Moak, lee.moak@moakgroup.com;

Wiliam Zollers, directoraccessmailbox@cigna.com.

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