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Here's where we find out which albums the DJs on The North 1033's student-run program Road Salt Radio are excited about each week!

Road Salt Radio Featured Album of the Week: Little Simz-No Thank You

Head shot of a woman with dreadlocks in front of a futuristic looking white background

Just within a year of her last release, the Mercury-Prize winning album Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, British rap artist Little Simz dropped her new project No Thank You on December 12th, 2022. While not the creative and experimental leap that Sometimes I Might Be Introvert was, No Thank You is an incredible example of Simz’s witty lyricism and grandiose production.

For the third straight album Simz enlisted producer Inflo (who has produced for acts like Sault and Adele as well); No Thank You’s sound features tight natural drums, a swelling string section and blasting horns, as well as choral backup singing from Cleo and the Angel Gospel choir. All this combines to create instrumentation of cinematic grandeur and a refreshing cohesive feel to the album as a whole.

The lyrical content of the release covers topics from across Simz’s life, from fame, the music industry, and her place in the genre, to her experience as a black woman and daughter of immigrants growing up in Britain. The first track of the album, "Angel," recounts her experience in the industry, the corruption she has seen fame bring other artists, and her desire to maintain integrity and independence.

Overall, No Thank You is a fantastic addition to Little Simz’s discography and the genre as a whole. Fans of Simz and alternative rap can only hope that she will continue her three-album streak with Inflo. Luckily enough, her current pace puts the next album within one or two years.

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