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3/17 KUMD Album Review: Real Estate


Real Estate's newest full length, Atlas, is simply another marvel from the indie rock/dream pop band out of New Jersey. Skimming through the album, it sounds extremely reminiscent of its recent predecessors, Days and the band's self-titled debut, although their newest release rings a bit of a different tone in some aspects. With lead singer and guitarist Martin Courtney's soothing yet tender vocals, the album seems to ease its way into the stately home in your mind where childhood innocence lies dormant. The soothing guitar riffs and melodic structure of the band's sound sways your mind to a happy, creative spot where you find yourself staring at clouds and daydreaming endlessly.By Adam Fleischhacker

The catchiest track on the album, "Talking Backwards," offers quite a groovy beat as well as actual, tangible lyrics that are easily understood for the most part, unlike a majority of Real Estate's works.
There is a bit of repetitiveness to the album as a whole and on individual songs including "April's Song;" the entire track seems to be a repeated, reverb-filled synth mix. However, that same song offers a decent and welcome instrumental interlude to an otherwise voice-driven album.
Atlas has a chilled, relaxed and laid-back tone to soothe anyone to existentialism. It's an album piled high with earfuls of reverb and continuous guitar melodies, as on "Primitive," which opens with a decent guitar progression and opens up into an inviting and beautiful song.
Even though the bass and drums are dulled down to a near non-existent state, the album still rings true to the traditional Real Estate sound, proving yet again that the band has not lost its magic touch.
Recommended Tracks: Talking Backwards, Primitive, Had to Hear, April's Song
Sounds like: Beach Fossils, Ducktails, The War on Drugs, Lotus Plaza