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Ra Ra Riot "Beta Love" Album Review


When a band changes their style/genre, they are going to get a lot of criticism. Ra Ra Riot's latest LP "Beta Love" however, takes their new sound in stride.The album keeps the genuineness of Ra Ra Riot's usual catchy hooks while, at the same time, adding a completely different tone and use of instruments. The use of synthesizers and more club like beats makes this record sound straight out of the 1980's dance pop era. The opening track "Dance With Me" is a blissful synth dance track, with an incredibly catchy chorus "Come and dance with me, pretty sweet fool, I wanna be your toy" reminding us that sometimes music isn't always about the depth of life, sometimes its just about having to shake it. Tracks like "Beta Love" have the layered synth and vocals equal in caliber to a electro pop band like Passion Pit or Hot Chip. The song "For Once" is probably the most experimental of the album, incorporating some string arrangements with some interestingly muffled percussion. Its a track that really encompasses the past and present of Ra Ra Riot's sound. While the tracks lack a lot of depth or length (no song goes past 3 minutes), "Beta Love" is a fantastic album reminding us that changing your sound isn't a necessarily bad thing. Every so often, a band making a pop dance record can be just as good as their most critically acclaimed and experimental albums.

Rec Tracks: Dance With Me, Beta Love, For Once

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