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KUMD Album Reviews: Slam Dunk

Canadian indie rock group Slam Dunk's latest release Welcome to Miami is (not to be corny), a total touchdown in terms of alternative rock albums. Combining aspects all over the board from surf rock guitar hooks to punk screams and yelps, and even some intricate saxophone solos to create a sunny, feel-good garage rock record. The album opener "Can't Stand It", stands as not only the longest track on the record but one of the band's best jams.By Basement DJ: Nate Mechtel

The track really exposes the bands musicianship and their ability to change the tempo of a song while keeping plenty of good drum fills and guitar/sax hooks. It proves a very solid lead into the rest of the record. "Welcome to Miami" has some fantastic tracks. The track "Da Dunda" incorporates a swinging beat with very punk vocals and the way they play the guitar makes this track sound like it came out of the 50's big band styled jazz. What really gets the band rolling are songs like "Sass" and "Dying Breed" which are fun and light to listen to but have such a heavy punk attitude that you can't help but want to mosh just as much as jump around while listening to this music. Overall, this album is a reminder on how you can stay fresh and original with a band while still playing very classic instruments and styles.

Recommended Tracks: Can't Stand It, Da Dunda, Dying Breed, Sass
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