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KUMD Album Reviews: Black Moth Super Rainbow

One look at their latest album cover portrays only a fraction of the uniqueness and weirdness of the band that is Black Moth Super Rainbow. This Pittsburgh based experimental electronic/pop group's newest release in three years, Cobra Juicy, is an album that's more inventive than poppy and appealing. Be warned, this latest album in all honesty is not a good casual listening album, but once it's paid attention to, it becomes a massively complex and intriguing sound experiment. The opening track "Windshield Smasher" starts off with a great drum and synth/guitar groove, a surprisingly accessible opening track for such an alienating group.By Basement DJ: Nate Mechtel

Head songwriter and vocalist of the group Tobacco (yes, that is his name) uses a vocoder when performing, making all the vocals sound as though a robot is passionately singing to you. This is especially prevalent on the track "Gangs in the Garden" where the lyrics are almost unintelligible because of how distorted the vocals are and how similar they sound to the loud low synthesizers. What is really interesting about the album is for all of the harsher and/or punk songs on the album like "I Think I'm Evil", or previously mentioned "Hairspray Heart", there is an equivalent trippy ballad or nice chill riff such as in "We Burn" and "The Healing Power of Nothing". Both tracks do great jobs at mixing really lo fi acoustic guitars with the accompanying synthesizer effects. "Blurring My Day" also has one of the most relaxing synths and very slow chilled beats. This album is definitely an experience. It can't even be described as just another indie psychedelic band. What BMSR brings to the table is a record that literally sounds as if it were made from aliens from a different galaxy, but hey, who says aliens can't make great psychedelic records?

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Recommended Tracks: Windshield Smasher, Gangs in the Garden, The Healing Power of Nothing, Hairspray Heart, I Think I'm Evil, Blurring My Day