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KUMD Album Reviews: Bat for Lashes

As haunting as it is beautiful, Bat for Lashes latest work The Haunted Man is an incredibly varied and arranged album showing us that performer Natasha Khan has an ear for mixing incredibly different sounds to create something completely unique. Right from the opening track "Lilies" you hear the eerie synthesizers and keyboards mixed with electronic beats. It cuts all sound close to the end of track and you hear Khan sing so passionately the words "Thank God I'm alive" and then come bursting in a fantastic melody line with string instruments. What really stands out with her sound is how indefinable she makes it.By Basement DJ: Nate Mechtel

Adding all types of instruments to very different sounding songs. The bouncier bass of the second track "All Your Gold" mixes so many unique instruments together you wouldn't be able to tell if it was the same band if Khans singing wasn't so dynamic and signature. There is also the very good use of a male choir in the tracks "Oh Yeah" and the more dark title track "The Haunted Man" which uses the choir and a great snare to make it sound like military march. There are the slower ballads on the album that truly showcase Khan's singing and arranging ability on tracks like the oceanic "Deep Sea Diver" or the incredibly beautiful piano and string heavy track "Laura". What Bat for Lashes does above all else with this album is produce a great sounding album, original, captivating and just skillfully done work in music.

Recommended Tracks: "Lilies, Laura, The Haunted Man, Deep Sea Diver