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KUMD Album Reviews: Metz


Everyone likes getting wild. Whether at a party, a concert or even while you are just trying to clean your room, sometimes you just need to let a little anger and frustration out. The self titled debut of Canadian trio Metz is an album literally made for all your moshing needs. Even though most of their tracks stay under the three minute mark, each track is produced and played as epic hardcore stadium jams. This record is filled with sonic screams, massively distorted guitars and crashing drums. The lyrics are shouted just as aggressively as the instruments are played. Its a great example of a noise rock record and a hardcore jam band.By Basement DJ: Nate Mechtel

While never necessarily redefining or innovating anything about hardcore or noise rock the band is definitely up to snub on getting every aspect of that genre right in their songs. Opening track "Headache" mixes repetition of the same hook over and over with some great guitar solos and drum fills. The track "Get Off" uses the chant "Get Off" to really drill the song into your brain. The longest song of the album "Wet Blanket" also has probably the best build on the album. Overall this is a solid album for all the rockers, moshers and metal heads of the world. Definitely worth a listen, especially since the album is only a half hour.

Recommended Tracks: Headache, Wet Blanket, Get Off, Knife in the Water

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