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KUMD Album Reviews: Tame Impala


Psychedelic rock is dying. Ironically in a world that is using electronics more and more in music, rock style psychedelia is more of a thing of the past. Not however, for Australian psych-rockers Tame Impala. Their last release Innerspeaker proved that with enough catchy guitar hooks, Lennon styled vocals and pop influence that psychedelic rock was anything but arcane. In their newest release Lonerism, the band instead of wading into psychedelic sounds dives headfirst into the expansive realm using ever more powerful synthesizers and massive reverb. In terms of sounds they not only add new instrumentation but expand their song style and variation.With the very percussive and sonic opener "Be Above It" which also has a looped recording of the words "Gotta be above it" whispered over and over, to the feel good and upbeat slow jam "Mind Mischief". They however don't forget their roots with the guitar riff epic "Elephant" or their more grandeur psychedelic jams like "Apocalypse Dreams" and "Music to Walk Home By". Lyrically, this album is what you expect with a title like Lonerism. Front man Kevin Parker and brain behind Tame Impala sings about all the fears, hopes and anxieties of what its like being alone. With lyrics constantly dwelling on the ever changing chaos of life to fragile essence of being in love to wanting life to be a dream and wishing he were asleep. These messages only are more powerfully sung due to the fact that Parker sounds exactly like John Lennon via psychedelic Beatles stage. An album as accessible as it is innovating, Lonerism not only encompasses the aspects of psych rock that make it great but also sings true to the feelings of isolation and the sense of being alone.

Recommended Tracks: Endors Toi, Music to Walk Home By, Elephant, Apocalypse Dreams, Mind Mischeif.