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KUMD Album Reviews: Brooklyn Borthers


Novelty songwriting is usually hit or miss. Whether its the overly catchy choruses or the playfully wrote lyrics it takes real soul or belief in your music to pull it off. The band Brooklyn Brothers are one of those few who really give all they have with their music in this sense. Weirdly enough the band was inspired by the film "Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best", an independent comedy about how the two members of the band go on tour around the country as Brooklyn Brothers to try and get some fame. Their latest release The Album is runoff of that films success and their love of making real music together.By Basement DJ: Nate Mechtel

Overall, they give you a Flight of the Conchords mixed with Ben Folds vibe and still retain their own unique sound. The duo not only both sing but are multi-instrumental. Mixing their soulful harmonies with upbeat guitar, playing catchy lines with very old and even toy like sounding synthesizers and very fast and vibrant drum machines keeping time the whole way. They sound like the street performers who are way to talented and able to be playing on the street. They keep the emotions varied from song to song with the upbeat pop of "Come on Girl" to the slower grooves of "Why Don't You Cry About It" and the ballad of "No One Left Alive". This album overall gives you the feel good vibe. Whether you listen to it while on the road or sitting at home these two will inspire you to dust off the old acoustic and get back to the basic dream of becoming a famous folk song writer (if that is your dream).

Recommended Tracks: Come On Girl, Julianne, Hey Captain, Someday

Similar Bands: Flight of the Conchords, Ben Folds