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KUMD Album Reviews: El Ten Eleven


From the get go on Los Angeles based rock duo El Ten Eleven's fifth studio album Transitionsyou are entered into the world of synths and beautiful melodic riffs. This lyric-less band comes nothing short of personal and emotional meaning in each song and in-depth musical structures. Since their last studio album in 2008, El Ten Eleven has not only bumped up from simple pop structures but also song length; from an average of two to five minutes per song to their title track 'Transitions' running over ten.By Basement DJ: Lauren Hanson

The song 'Yellow Bridges' pays homage to acoustic and electronic drummer Tim Fogarty's hometown of Pittsburgh and it begins on a very catchy beat with strong drumming from Fogarty leading into intricate overlapping synthesized melodies. With undertones of single guitar chords, it brings a whole new level of dimension to this electronic instrumental band. Each track naming has significance behind it for both Fogarty and guitar/bass player Kristian Dunn. 'No One Died This Time!' refers to how during recording of their past four albums, Fogarty and Dunn experienced the loss of a close friend or family member. On the whole El Ten Eleven gives us a strongly unique sound from the sublime and intricacy of the title track 'Transitions' to the mellow, bass-filled cover of Duran Duran's 'Tiger, Tiger'. Fogarty and Dunn put a lot of soul into Transitions and it shines through well. Without lyrics, El Ten Eleven makes for the perfect low-key music set while still keeping a listener interested.

Recommended Tracks: Transitions, Yellow Bridges, Thanks Bill, Lullaby