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KUMD Album Reviews: Grizzly Bear


Since their last release Veckatimist, Grizzly Bear has not only soared in terms of popularity and song writing but have been under pressure to follow up with as much of bang. Their latest album entitled Shields shows us that a rise of fame does nothing to hinder them in terms of creativity and overall musicianship. They are incredible musicians, all who sing with very enriching and engrossing melodies.By Basement DJ: Nate Mechtel

They create harmonies and instrumentation that give out their unique baroque vibe while still innovating their old sound. "Shields" also gives out more intense composition, instrumentation and even more of their choral harmonies and sonic guitar. The opening track "Sleeping Ute" starts literally with a bang with a intense guitar riff, psychedelic synths and a marching drum and bass. It then ends with the whimper of the solo acoustic guitar and singer and guitarist Daniel Rossen singing over and over "And I can't help myself". The track "Speak in Rounds" is very reminiscent on their opener of their last album "Southern Point" with the very upbeat acoustic guitar and flowing synths with the fast beat behind it. Overall this album doesn't necessarily give us the newest sound from the band but rather the most refined and complex version they could ever give. With songs just as melancholic, instruments just as dark and harmonies as holy sounding as ever. This latest installment from the band is a welcome return for them and a great listening experience.

Reccomended Tracks Sleeping Ute, Speak in Rounds, Yet Again, A Simple Answer, Half