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KUMD Album Reviews: The xx's


Minimalist is the best way to describe the melody, tone, rhythm, and all else that goes into The xx's new album Coexist (Yes, the band prefers lower-case letters in their name; thus, minimalism). The two singles "Angels" and "Chained" were released in August to promote the album, which certainly brought early recognition, and now are accompanied by soothing yet palpating beats like "Fiction," "Try," "Tides."By Basement DJ: Nate Mechtel

Simplistic messages surround each of these tracks, like in the chorus "Fiction/ I went out to give in/ Mistaken for a vision/ Something of my own creation" or the melancholy, honest song "Sunset" that goes: "I always thought it was sad/ The way we act like strangers/ After all that we had/ We act like we had never met." The overall sound is interesting because it has light electronic background riffs and other drones until that moment the drum crashes away a heavy beat, all-the-while the vocals momentously support every twist and turn the arrangement offers. Like the moments "Angels" and "Tides" reaches the chorus and are supported by deep bass and snare beats, giving further emotion to the heartfelt lyrics. Many people, at least in the indie scene, agree The xx bring a good show.

Recommended Tracks: "Angels," "Chained," "Tides," "Swept Away"

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