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KUMD Album Reviews: Two Door Cinema Club

Who would've thought a three piece indie rock/electronic group from Northern Ireland would be so impressively good? I didn't, but somehow Two Door Cinema Club still packs a powerful punch with their second release Beacon. Their first album Tourist History kicked off their career with a great mix of guitar hooks, catchy synthesizers, a drum machine and some great vocals. Now in their latest album, they took all aspects of their first album but added even more musicianship in terms of song writing and instrumentation.By Basement DJ: Nate Mechtel

The album opener "Next Year" mixes the classic anthem with elements of a catchier upbeat pop tune. Lyrically, its also an incredibly poetic way of describing all the possibilities you have in life with people in your life. The second track "Handshake" Starts with a sadder style march song which blooms into a very emotive orchestration of synth, guitar, bass and brass which lyrically describes the tension of someone you love one day waking up and not loving you back "Shut your eyes, so you see I'm there. And know you'll always have this if you stay this man". Other tracks like "Wake Up" and "Pyramid" and "Beacon" cannot help but show the band's ability to create explosive and engrossing indie pop/rock songs. Overall this album reflects the band continuing journey in songs that continuously improve and innovate an already pretty original sound.